Friday, March 12, 2010

Victorian Era

Select your year and location. The Victorian era is said to be from 1837 to 1901 and named so for the reign of Queen Victoria of England. So much, happened during that time period in England and in the States, the “War of Northern Aggression” cannot be forgotten and was fought during this Era, are you a Southern Belle? A Northern fighting man? Or are you well out of it and in England. The choice is yours.

Character: Lady Violet Cynster

Player: Ambrosia

Contact: E-mail

Current Time: 1864 and onward

Basic Information: Born into a family that is known for strong men Violet is a strong woman in her own right. She is the Daughter of a Duke and it is known to show when her temper flares, but she is also kind and giving and loves to get to know people. She lives at the family estate in the South of England.

She does not always subscribe to the things that society says she should be. Violet enjoys hunting, riding astride, and all of the things that are more known to men in her family. However, she also has a Lady like side that can be found if one looks just below the surface.

Violet has 3 older brothers and is the baby of the family at 17 years old.

Type of Partners Wanted: Family, Friends and anyone else. I would love to perhaps have some of Violets family write but truly, anyone would be fantastic.

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