Friday, March 12, 2010

Regency Era

Jane Austen is what comes to mind for most people when they think of Regency, join in the fun of this fantastic time. When gentlemen were men like Mr. Darcy and Ladies wore Empire wasted gowns. 1811-1820 is the time of this era when the Prince Regent was in charge of things, as King George III was deemed unfit to rule.

Character: Lady Annabelle Sharpe

Player: Ambrosia

Contact: E-mail

Current Time: 1816 and onward

Basic Information: Annabelle is the baby of the family the daughter born after her Brother Ethan. She has always had a good life when her parents died however, things got a little bit difficult. Her brother Ethan had been through an ordeal in France after having been captured from his Privateer vessel. It was not until after their parents had died that he came back, and he refused to take up the mantle of Earl.

Annabelle and Ethan do remain close although she has taken some of society’s barbs and now at 20 years of age is still not married. She is not yet an old maid but fearfully getting close to that, in the long run it does not matter she steels herself and enjoys helping Ethan with his shipping company.

Type of Partners Wanted: Family and Friends of course and anything else. Would be fantastic to have someone mature the character of Ethan and write but anything will of course do.

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