Saturday, February 26, 2011

Still here..

We are still here, and still happy to do any kinds of fiction letters. A wonderful way to cross the joy of letter writing and fiction. If there is something you would like to see email and let me know. If you would like to make a character and get started also please let me know.

Monday, August 30, 2010

TrueBlood..Coming right up.

I can not help myself anymore I think this would be a fun way to spice up some letter writing, after all Vampires are old and come from a letter writing time right? So we will be seeing a True Blood section now..come one come all...I would love love love to write with an Eric Northman :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Regency Era

Jane Austen is what comes to mind for most people when they think of Regency, join in the fun of this fantastic time. When gentlemen were men like Mr. Darcy and Ladies wore Empire wasted gowns. 1811-1820 is the time of this era when the Prince Regent was in charge of things, as King George III was deemed unfit to rule.

Character: Lady Annabelle Sharpe

Player: Ambrosia

Contact: E-mail

Current Time: 1816 and onward

Basic Information: Annabelle is the baby of the family the daughter born after her Brother Ethan. She has always had a good life when her parents died however, things got a little bit difficult. Her brother Ethan had been through an ordeal in France after having been captured from his Privateer vessel. It was not until after their parents had died that he came back, and he refused to take up the mantle of Earl.

Annabelle and Ethan do remain close although she has taken some of society’s barbs and now at 20 years of age is still not married. She is not yet an old maid but fearfully getting close to that, in the long run it does not matter she steels herself and enjoys helping Ethan with his shipping company.

Type of Partners Wanted: Family and Friends of course and anything else. Would be fantastic to have someone mature the character of Ethan and write but anything will of course do.

Victorian Era

Select your year and location. The Victorian era is said to be from 1837 to 1901 and named so for the reign of Queen Victoria of England. So much, happened during that time period in England and in the States, the “War of Northern Aggression” cannot be forgotten and was fought during this Era, are you a Southern Belle? A Northern fighting man? Or are you well out of it and in England. The choice is yours.

Character: Lady Violet Cynster

Player: Ambrosia

Contact: E-mail

Current Time: 1864 and onward

Basic Information: Born into a family that is known for strong men Violet is a strong woman in her own right. She is the Daughter of a Duke and it is known to show when her temper flares, but she is also kind and giving and loves to get to know people. She lives at the family estate in the South of England.

She does not always subscribe to the things that society says she should be. Violet enjoys hunting, riding astride, and all of the things that are more known to men in her family. However, she also has a Lady like side that can be found if one looks just below the surface.

Violet has 3 older brothers and is the baby of the family at 17 years old.

Type of Partners Wanted: Family, Friends and anyone else. I would love to perhaps have some of Violets family write but truly, anyone would be fantastic.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Revolutionary War (The Patriot)

Select where you would like to be, at the beginning of the war, in the thick of it or at the end. Pick who you are, you can be more than one character of course. Would you like to be a character from the popular movie The Patriot? Or do you have more historical leanings and wish to be someone like Thomas Jefferson or George Washington. Of course, you can also just be your own creation from the era. Below you will find who is playing, what they are looking for and where they stand in the Era’s of the Colonial times.

Character: Mrs. Rose Jefferson

Player: Ambrosia


Current Time: Year 1790 Post War- Slightly alternative history on this character. Mrs. Rose Jefferson has an interesting bloodline and history.

Basic Information: Her Father a wealthy titled Englishmen met a younger Richard Henry Lee when he was in England the men became friends and when the Englishman came to the colonies for a visit he met Richards’s sister after a whirlwind courted and were married before returning to England. Forward time a bit Rose is the only child of the union of these two people and her mother has passed away. One day in Paris she happened upon a tall man from the new United States of America, Thomas Jefferson. Mr. Jefferson had been suffering from a bout of depression after the loss of his own wife when he was asked to help broker the treaty between England and the United states. Neither Rose nor Tom ever expected to fall in love as they did. A whirlwind courtship of their own before returning to the United States once the treaty was signed.

Type of Partners Wanted: I am happy to work at an earlier time line than the year stated as well. I would like to find a writer to be Tom if you prefer an earlier time on that is perfectly fine so they could send letters during the courtship. Anytime with a Tom writer would be great.

I am happy to accept any letters in this time period for Rose. Friends, those who would like to be friends, family it does not matter I can find anything to write with in this time line and would be happy to grow a fantastic correspondence of fiction.

Character: Charles Whitaker

Player: Jake


Current Time: 1770 and Onward from there (open to any time from 1770 on)

Bacic Information: The son of a small-time planter Charles has built himself up into a successful gentleman planter and member of Virinia's upper echelon. The 3,000 acre Whitaker Plantation is located south of Richmond if any visitors wish to drop in.

The Whitaker family consists of Charles and his wife, Mary, their sons Samuel (19) David (16), twins Nathaniel and William (12) as well as daughter Elizabeth (16).

Type of Partners Wanted: I would love to write to Northeastern Merchants and fellow planters. Althouh, I'd be comfortable writing to anyone.

Character: William Ross

Player: Toulouse


Current Time: 1790 (approximate and flexible)

Basic Information: William is the second son of a wealthy Englishman and has been a lifelong friend of Rose, meeting her during childhood. He and Rose were almost constant companions until William went away to school. While at school he excelled in geology and mapmaking and developed a growing desire to explore new lands. With the death of his father, his career options were to either work for his older brother or to set off on his own. He accepted a minor commission in the Royal Navy and during a voyage to Canada distinguished himself as a skilled mapmaker and as a fine officer. Promoted to First Lieutenant and after a brief return to England, William set sail on the HMS Guardian - transporting convicts to a new settlement in Australia. This voyage started before Rose's trip to Paris. William is quite complex, struggling with his own view of the world, and has a secret that he has shared with no one.

Type of Partners Wanted: I will gladly correspond with anyone who would like to interact with William - family members, friends, people he may have met through his travels, perhaps even a romantic relationship. As William's character developes, he may end up looking for employment, so potential employers might keep William in mind.